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Telephone: 307-885-7030

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Flying can change your life. Imagine leaving Afton at 8:00am for an all-day meeting in Cheyenne, and being back home by 5:00pm. Try that in an automobile! Want to fly to Gillete to visit familiy or watch a basketball game?  It would be a quick flight up and you would return home without having been in a single traffic jam. You could take friends or family out for dinner, but in Jackson, Driggs or Logan; not the same old place around the corner. Even a local flight over the mountains on a weekend afternoon is exciting. All of this is possible when you are a pilot. Every pilot has to start somewhere, and that starting point is choosing where to learn how to fly.

Choosing a flight school is an important decision.  Because we attend to every detail of flight training, you can give your full attention to learning to be a safe and competent pilot. You will learn to be a pilot who knows how to deal with any situation that could arise.

Flight Training

The FAA requires a minimum 40 hours of total flight time to receive your private pilot certificate, depending on your training path. This flight time includes:

·       Dual and Solo Flight Time

·       Cross Country Training

·       Night Flight Training

·       Basic Instrument Training

Along the path of flight training, students will progress through lesson phases with their instructor to ensure that every student is ready to move forward in their training. Your flight training will leave you aptly prepared to pass the FAA Private Pilot check ride and to be a safe and competent pilot.

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  • Earl Gibbs          (435) 229-1945
  • John Koehler   (307) 413-5329